Are Your Brushes REALLY Clean?

Imagine thousands of bacteria organisms living and breeding on your makeup brushes. Then imagine yourself placing these brushes in your makeup, and on your face!


That is exactly what's happening when you leave brushes unclean and full of gunk from weeks of makeup build-up. Bacteria gets into your pores, and you begin to see blackheads and breakouts. Follow these simple steps to effectively clean your makeup brushes.

Using Brush Cleaner spray:

1. Soak bristles of brushes (one at a time) with your spray.

2. Grab a paper towel and gently rub the brushes back and forth until there is no more product on the brush.

3. Reshape the bristles with your fingers and let air-dry on a clean napkin, while laying them down.

This should clean and dry your brushes in minutes.

Using Baby shampoo (or Organic cleaner):

1. Squeeze a quarter size amount of soap into a clean bowl.

2. Add 1/2 cup of warm water (add more depending on how many brushes you are cleaning).

3. Take your brush one at a time and swirl the brush in the soapy solution while gently using your fingers to massage the buildup in the bristles. Let it sit in the solution.

4. Grab the next brush and repeat step 3

5. After all brushes have been swirled in soap, rinse them one at a time under cool water to seal the bristles (be sure to rinse in direction of bristles to minimize shedding later).

6. Reshape the bristles with your fingers and let air-dry on a clean napkin, while laying them down.

Tip: If you want to wash your brushes without using your fingers to wash them, then you can use a silicone brush cleaner like the Sigma Beauty brush.

Brushes can last as long as you take care of them. If you are experiencing constant shedding of bristles, then it may be time for a replacement. Also if you want to minimize bacteria in between washes, place alcohol into a plastic bottle and spray your kit, makeup, and brushes every few days after using them.