Americans are constantly fighting a battle of the "bulge" to help control their weight. But why are Americans among the most obese populations in the world?


Most of us do not cook the majority of our meals any longer. We are now a growing fast-food, processed-food culture. These fast food are loaded with so much sugar and fat that it is impossible to maintain a healthy weight. Then there is our lack of exercise that play a key role in the battle of the bulge. 

20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily is essential to proper weight management. Finally, stress has been shown to be another underlying factor in obesity. While lifestyle changes such as better diet, more exercise and stress reduction have been shown to help lose weight, there are supplements that have been shown to be helpful in encouraging weight loss as well. 

High-nutrient, low-sugar and low-carbs option like salads, fruits, fibers, and protein smoothies can be just the thing you need to help minimize calories but still provide the necessary nutrients to stay healthy, and not hungry. Supercharging your smoothie with vitamins, along with whole food ingredients will help supply the body with the energy to work, and make healthful lifestyle changes. 

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