Our liver and every cell in our body possess elaborate enzyme systems that help us eliminate the toxic substances we are exposed to or ingest. These enzyme systems depend on specific nutrients to function properly.


Increasing the body's storage of glutathione is one of the best options for improving and supporting detoxification. This can be accomplished by using glutathione precursors like Alpha Lipoic Acid (300mg), and Vitamin C Esterified (500mg); which we carry at Cedra Pharmacy, to encourage glutathione stores. Given the extensive presence of glutathione in the body, elevation of glutathione levels should be a consideration in addressing detoxification. 

The first step in supporting detoxification is to decrease toxic load on your body. Using a healthier, toxin-free diet, increasing exercise, decreasing toxic chemical exposure and ingestion, and a quality probiotic is the first step to minimizing the work of the liver in detoxification. But when the detoxification processes of the liver have been impaired, the supplements mentioned above can be valuable for liver support.