Using protein powders blended into nutritional shakes and smoothies has been recognized as having immense value in providing a sound nutritional foundation for individuals. It also offers several advantages over solid food for the uptake of vitamins and minerals.


Liquid nutrition supplies nutrients in a form that is more easily and efficiently taken up than obtaining nutrients from solid foods, which require specific digestive enzymes and stomach acid for absorption. 

Liquid nutrition allows for specific nutrient targeting to address specific disease states or individual nutritional needs. Liquid protein nutrition can be a measured nutrient intake of calories, sugar and sodium. It can provide a sound nutritional foundation for a variety of health challenges.

Perfect Protein Powder; which we carry here at Cedra, is the perfect foundation for quality nutritional support. It provides 21 grams of protein per serving, yet only 1 gram of sugar. Perfect Protein Powder is an enhanced, plant-based protein source that is hypoallergenic, vegetarian and vegan, and non-GMO sourced. 

You can easily blend fruits, vegetables, and capsule supplements into your smoothie for the perfect protein shake.