How is your skincare routine? Are the products you are using helping or hurting your skin?


I enjoy the fact that I can now wear light makeup by dabbing on some bb cream and a touch of under-eye concealer for an effortless look. It wasn't always this way. Once upon a time I had to cake on foundation, concealers, and powders to disguise my pimples, dark marks, and hyperpigmentation. Now I take better care of my skin and constantly receive compliments on my skin smoothness and glow. So here's a look at my updated skincare routine. 


  1. Avene Mattifying Cleansing Foam to wash my face
  2. Avene Thermal Water Spray to smooth and plump up my skin
  3. Avene Eye Contour cream for dark circles, lines, and puffiness
  4. Avene SPF 50 Mineral Face Lotion to moisturize my skin (Always use sunscreen!!)

AFTERNOON (before bed):

  1. Avene Mattifying Cleansing Foam to wash my face
  2. Volante Eye cream  for dark circles and Night Cream for moisture
  3. Tip: I always go to bed with lip balm on so my lips don't dry up due to the air.


  1. Steps from "Morning" routine
  2. Becca Ever Matte Primer to prime and mattify my oily skin
  3. Then I apply my everyday makeup look: BB Cream, Concealer, and Eyeliner.

To Remove MAKEUP:

  1. Avene Mattifying Cleansing Foam to wash my face
  2. (For lazy nights) Klorane makeup wipes dipped in Avene floral water to clean my face.
  3. Spray on One Love Organics Vitamin D Moisture Mist
  4. Proceed with moisturizer


  1. Wash my face with Avene cleansing foam
  2. Apply RX Skin Therapy clarifying mask for 20 mins
  3. Moisturize skin with Erbaviva tea tree oil drops mixed with a light carrier oil.

For most people this may seem like a lot of products and steps to remember. However, because I work in beauty I am able to focus my attention on my skincare routine and the products I use. If you want something a bit more simple, then all you need is: a Cleanser, Toner, SPF Lotion, and a good acne mask or scrub for when you break out. You can find all these products at Cedra Pharmacy. 

These products should cater to your skin type and needs. Do not follow the hype and buy things based on commercials or popularity. Everyone's skin is different, so you have to find the right products that will keep your skin youthful, vibrant, and beautiful. Skin is in!