There's nothing better than learning new ways to perfect your makeup artistry. But what if there were a few tips and tricks that pro makeup artists use to create that perfect canvas... every single time? Take a look at these hacks that will upgrade your skills and teach you a thing or two on enhancing your technique.

  1.  Let glue dry on strip for 30 seconds before applying false lashes. This allows glue to become tacky and stick faster, instead of watery which can spread into your eye and take longer to dry.
  2. Use a spoon to apply mascara to bottom lashes by placing it under the hairs and stroking away. This keeps the mascara from bleeding onto your under-eye makeup. 
  3. White liner on the water line of your eyes creates the illusion of bigger eyes, where as dark liner creates smaller eyes.
  4. Use a white primer or eye pencil on your lids before you apply eyeshadows to make the colors pop and last longer. To minimize creases, dust your lids with powder before the primer.
  5. Apply lighter shadows to outer corners first, then the middle of the eye. Blend out then apply your darker shadows around the light shades.
  6. To keep black (or any color) eyeliner from running, apply loose powder right under the liner to set it and keep it in place. Sometimes I apply light translucent powder on top of the liner to keep it from running on my bottom eyelids.
  7. Always match foundation on neck, not hands or cheek because your neck is your true shade. You wouldn't want that ghost face in pictures. 
  8. To lift brows, apply a light shade of shadow or concealer to entire brow bone and blend into brow.
  9. To minimize pores and tone down a puffy face, rub ice cubes over face for 10 seconds on each side going in an upward and outward motion. This lifts the skin and closes pores for a smoother face. This technique also helps with inflammation and redness in the skin.
  10.  DIY tinted moisturizer: Mix equal parts of your favorite oil-free moisturizer with a cream concealer or foundation. Apply to face with a brush or sponge. That's it!
  11. To tame brows: Spray a light holding spray on a clean mascara wand (disposable wands work best) and brush brows in place.
  12. To give the illusion of plump lips, apply a complimenting shimmer eyeshadow to the MIDDLE of your lipstick and gentle pat into your top and bottom lip. Apply a darker contouring powder or cream under your bottom lip (the space between your lip and chin) then gently blend out.
  13. For a longer lasting lip stay: Apply lipstick to your lips, then place a 1-ply tissue over your lips and apply powder over the tissue. The powder set the lips so even if the top coat fades, you will have a second layer underneath ready for back up.

These tips and tricks should give you the boost you need to begin giving yourself or your clients that professional touch.