In celebration of yesterday's National Lipstick Day, I feel it's only right to dedicate this post to the different types of lipsticks out there in the market so you know which one is best for you!


You can find so many types of lipsticks, however the main 5 are:

SHEER - Also known as stains, tints, and glosses, that offer minimal coverage to your lips. They give a natural wet sheen with a hint color. Sheer lipsticks usually do not last long on the lips.

SHIMMER - These lippies look metallic, glittery, and frosted. They are soft, and give the lips a plumper appearance, especially when applied on top of a rich colored lipstick. Shimmer lipsticks contain bits of mica which is a light reflector.


CREAM - Mostly known for their hydrating conditioning properties, these lipsticks give you medium to heavy coverage without looking too dry. If you want to give your lips that dewy look then this is the best lippie for you. It's like a rich colored lip balm.

MATTE - Loved for their heavy coverage, and long lasting tint, you can find a lot of brands with matte lipsticks. This is my absolute fav type of lippie to wear with my makeup because of its opaque and solid look. If you have dry lips, try doing a sugar and honey scrub on your lips first, then apply a conditioning balm for 2-5 mins before applying a matte lipstick.

LONG-LASTING - They do exactly what they say, last longer than regular lipsticks. Some stay creamy, while others dry up like paint on the lips. Not necessarily my fav lippie to use, but a lot of people love the benefits of lipstick that does not easily fade and can last up to eight hours. 

What's your favorite type of lipstick? You can find these lipsticks in every makeup brand, however my top 4 brands for lippies are: NYX, Wet & Wild, MAC, and Revlon. Happy hunting!