If You Were to Be a Fruit...Be a Fine-Apple

        During the winter months, we all tend to gravitate towards comfort food. Chocolates, Ice cream, Cakes and Pies are just a few of our favorite things. You might think that you need these types of food to stay warm and cozy but having fruit like pineapple is a smarter choice. It is rich in natural ingredients and has a variety of health benefits.

        Pineapple leaves are used to produce the textile fiber piña in the Philippines and have also been used as wallpaper and clothing in different countries across the world. Here in the United States we know it to be a tasty and sweet fruit that makes the perfect snack. Here are some reasons why the pineapple might be more powerful than you think.

  • Rich In Melatonin: Pineapple has been identified to be one of the richest sources of dietary melatonin tested, capable of causing significant blood level elevations, peaking two hours after ingestion.
  • Anti-Diabetic Leaves: All parts of the pineapple plant have potential value. The leaf has been studied to have insulin-sensitizing traits.
  • Pineapple Leaves As Cholesterol-Drugs: research indicates that pineapple leaves may modulate cholesterol synthesis and be less threatening than those prescribed drugs out there.

So next time you are reaching for a processed and sugary treat try a piece of pineapple instead. You may be surprised how satisfied you'll be!