Essentials of Being a Gentleman

        In this day and age it seems as though the men of our society are still focusing on ‘swag’ which will leave you in no position to brag. Bragging rights come to those select few men who possess the poise, sophistication and understanding that becoming a true gentleman means carrying yourself with an air of class. Class is not only something for those of a certain economic status…au-contraire. Adding a few specific items to your wardrobe and carrying them appropriately can transform any guy into a Gentleman.

Watch Out:

This basically means being on time. Real men don’t make anyone wait. Be prompt as possible unless a situation arises. If you are going to be late then inform your party as to why and give them an updated ETA.

Scratch and Sniff:

Here in New York, it is officially cold. You guys might think that you can get away with not wearing deodorant or cologne but keep it up. One or two sprays of a cologne like our beautifully packaged Eight & Bob Original, is more than enough and if you plan on having a night out, be sure to use an antiperspirant to keep feeling and smelling fresh.

See Something Say Something:

You might not need glasses to see, and if you are one of those few guys continuing to wear glasses without lenses in them, STOP. This tip is essential to tell you that observe your surroundings. Everyone loves a compliment, if you see something you like, respectfully make your feelings known, retreat, wait for a reaction and proceed.

Keep in mind that being a gentleman is all about a mindset, be respectful of others and you will begin to see that respect returned.