Wake Up & Embrace the Cold

        The cold weather can be a bit a bit depressing for most people. The only reason I can think of people love the winter is because of the snow. It is beautiful to look at, but when all we have is single digit temperatures and harsh biting winds, there’s not much to love.  

        Just today a friend from Oregon was telling me about how much nicer the weather is over there. Yes, they have an abundance of snowfall but the temperatures are a bit warmer because the sun shines brighter and the wind isn’t quite as piercing.

        We are all aware that the cold weather is mostly bad for our hair and skin but the cold can be used in a good way.  Do you ever not get enough sleep or wake up with your allergies causing puffy eyes? There are a few tips to help this.

  • Cold Spoons:

Before you go to sleep place two metal spoons in the fridge and when you wake up simply close your eyes and place them on top. The cold will constrict the blood vessels under the eye and tighten the skin, reducing any swelling and making the face appear slightly more awake.

  • Ice Mask

There are a few ways that this can be achieved. You can always buy an ice pack eye mask that you put in the freezer and remove for use when needed or you can make a bowl of ice water, place a washcloth into it and let sit for a minute. Then ring it out slightly and place it onto your face. While its on your face try to press and massage it into the skin gently. The cold water will wake you up and tighten up the pores making the face appear youthful.