Think Outside the Box, Draw Outside the Lines

— Brandon Cross


        Two words come to mind when you think lips…KYLIE JENNER. She is undeniably the queen of lips as of 2015. We are all aware that she has had a little help in the lip department aside from lip liners, but she had lead many girls on for a while by swearing that all she did was overdraw her lips.

        Overdrawing is something that done in moderation particular to the individual can subtly enhance the lips size and shape. HOWEVER, this is not a magic wand, you cannot just draw on whatever lips that you would like. ESPECIALLY in the daytime, overdrawn lips are easy to spot and appear like more of a mistake than an enhancement.

Here are a few tips to keep those lips looking Real as opposed to Real Fake.

1.     Just Above Not Beyond

- If you are overdrawing, keep the liner just above your natural lip line to add a bit to the size. If you draw too far above your natural line, you will be able to clearly see the division between actual lip and your skin.

2.     Conceal-Her

- After finishing with the lip liner, if the lines are not too sharp and appear a bit muddy, use a lip brush to smoothen out the lines and then use any thin brush with your concealer or foundation to tighten up mistakes.

3.     Don’t Leave Em High and Dry

- The winter time can leave your lips chapped or dry, try using our tip from our S.O.S. post or apply a lip balm before using a lip liner especially if you do not plan on using any product like a gloss over the liner.