Don't be a Blush Lush

— Brandon Cross


Everyone wants to look like the blushing bride, even when they are nowhere near marriage…One can dream. But in the meantime, almost everyone loves the look of blushing cheeks. It adds youth and playfulness to the face. Just like almost every other makeup trend, blush can be abused. Blush is supposed to be an accent to the face and mimic how the face would naturally appear when flushed. Here are a few tips to keep you from your look being a hit or a miss.


1. Skin Condition

I know that everyone has a preference, some people prefer to use powder, some prefer creams. If you are a person with oily skin, put down the cream products. If you use a powder blush, during the day when the skin begins to produce oil, the powder will combat the oil and keep you blushing all day long. And the same goes for people with dry skin…Put down the Powder, try a cream. 

2. Skin Tone

Blush is not a one size fits all product. Some blushes are made with warm undertones and some made with cool. If you are someone with fair skin and pink tones to your skin, then using a deep tangerine blush will make the skin appear muddy:

  • Fair and cool: Baby pinks
  • Fair and warm/neutral: Sheer apricots and peaches
  • Medium and warm/olive/neutral: Deeper peachy-pinks, corals, ambers and even roses
  • Medium and cool: Roses, berries and sheer plums
  • Deep and warm/neutral: Bright pinks and fuchsias
  • Deep and cool: Oranges and reds

3. Placement

Blush is a cheek product. Not the jaw line, not the nose. Too often people will drag the blush too far down or too close to the nose, remember the two finger rule. Take your pointer and middle finger and place next to your nose, your blush should not come down further than your two fingers. Also be sure to get to know your face. Use your finger to see where YOUR cheekbones are, keep the blush on and above your cheekbones or else you will end up aging your face 

4. Blending

By now you should have this in your mantra…Blend, Blend, Blend! If you are dotting on your blush to the face and not properly bending it out, you will be left with pink, or reddish marks that can be mistaken for rosacea or some other skin condition. 

5. Blush as Contour

There are products specifically designed for contour and products made for blush. It is a good idea to know that many products have more than one use but be sure to use appropriately. Also be sure to clean your brushes after use if using the same brush. You don’t want black ever shadow getting on your cheeks, or rosy blush on your forehead 


Basically, If you’re in a rush…forget the blush (apply with care)