Welcoming NYFW With a Smile

Hello NYFW 2016! I know that this is a time that some people live for. And if you are one of the lucky few who scored an invite to a popular designers show, then you most likely have been planning your outfit since this same time last year. For those of us who can't take off work to head to these shows and dress up in fashion forward outfits there are other ways that are more subtle to show how bold you are while still remaining rather neutral. One great way is a bold lip. 

Lip products are a popular item because they are one of the first areas that people look when you are speaking because they are interpreting the words coming out of your mouth (science tip of the day!) And if this is one of the first things that people see then teeth would be right after. If you plan on getting your picture taken (which I know you are) then you should have your brightest smile possible and lip color can do the trick. 

Teeth whitening may be for some but definitely not for all, especially those with sensitive teeth. Everyone wants a red carpet ready smile and may not want to either spend the money nor the time to achieve it. There are a few popular options, you can either never smile, and go for the quiet mysterious demeanor, or you can just go the whole nine yards and get caps or veneers like most celebs. For those of us who are looking for a less drastic approach, makeup is here to help.

When using a lip color you have to take into account the undertones of the product that you are using. Your lips are the doors to your teeth and so they must complement each other. Blue Tones are the Answer! The blue tone will contrast the shade of yellow tinted teeth and make them appear whiter. Try to avoid colors that have any warm base like a yellow or an orange tone because they will make the teeth appear more yellow.


Here are a few tips when deciding on a color:

Light pink-  Stick with cool undertones rather than coral or orange.

Dark pink/red– select a berry tone

Nudes – ensure lips are foundation free + use a sheer color with a bit of gloss