Color Corrector or Concealer

   Its only April and it seems like a new craze has taken over the year. It may have started over social media channels last year but people have been color correcting for years. There is a difference between color correcting and concealing. People are over doing the whole color correction process. If you have slight darkness under your eye area (1-3 or even 4 shades darker), then you can get away with using a thin coat of a full coverage concealer, no need to use red lipstick under your eyes and then find yourself struggling to blend it out and cover it with your foundation/concealer afterwards.

        Color correctors are only necessary if you’re dealing with a more serious skin problems like melasma, rosacea or acne scars, in which case you might want a bit more help in covering up these issues.  

If you are a person who does not like to wear ‘a lot’ of makeup, and by this I mean, no foundation or concealer just a few strokes of powder, then color correcting definitely is not for you. When using a color corrector, I recommend applying foundation, then color correcting and then concealing. This is a process that can be difficult at first but if necessary can help to make the world of difference.