Womanhood Vs. Motherhood


Motherhood is a real spectacle. The thought of the actual process still seems to leave me in disbelief. One of the true miracles of life. When preparing for the baby it seems like here begins the stage when the change begins to happen. Women begin to form attachment to the life that is growing inside of them, and they realize that "Wow, Im about to be someone's mother!" A man can be there for his wife but they can never fully understand what they are going through.

Whether you decide to go back to work after giving birth or to stay at home, that should be your personal decision, and you should feel no pressure from anyone else because at the end of the day, you and your child's life has nothing to do with them. Motherhood is a full time job, when your partner is out all day at work and socializing with co-workers and friends, you are at home taking care of your child, cleaning up after them and ensuring their safety and wellbeing. Never let your partner expect that when they come home from work that you should dote on them hand and foot because You've been working all day as well! How would they like it if they had to be at work 24 hours a day. Exactly. 

Take time to cherish the first year of your baby because it is true "They really do grow up fast" take photos of them at monthly intervals and marvel at the miracle that you created (with some help of course). As I've said, motherhood is a job and who wants to work 7 days a week? Not anyone that I know. You need to remember to take some time to yourself. Take one day out of the weekend or when your partner is off and go hang out with your friends, get your hair done or do some shopping for YOU. The baby is also your partners, so make sure they get their one on one time so that you can spend some time with your original number 1 (yourself). 

It is true that your priorities shift in life, after marriages, and then after you have children but that doesn't mean that you should forget about how important your wellbeing and sanity is to you and those around you! You need to be taking time to refresh and recharge. Make yourself look good for you because that outward confidence will remind you how you were blessed with your wonderful family in the first place, because you are beautiful inside and out.