I love when men take great care of themselves, because it shows a lot about their character. The men's beauty world isn't as huge as the many women brands out there. However, there are a few popular brands that cater to men such as Baxter of California.

Cedra Pharmacy is proud to carry one of the original men's grooming brands created by Baxter Finley in 1965. This gender-specific breakthrough pioneered a comprehensive range of products tailored to a man's needs. They carry skincare, haircare, and shaving products that have advanced over the years.

Grooming Guide by Baxter of California:


- Shave when skin is properly steamed (hot towel on beard or after shower) because the steam softens facial hair.
- Clean face with a combination of Daily Face Wash and Facial Scrub
- Using a shaving brush evenly disperse Super Close Shave Formula for 30 seconds
Note: Only shave in direction of hair growth to avoid razor bumps and burns.
- Shave face with a clean and sharp razor
- Splash cold water on your face, then apply After Shave Balm

- Wash face daily with Daily Face Wash to cleanse excess oil that causes breakouts.
- Apply Herbal Mint Toner to remove residue, oil, and banish shine
- Apply moisturizer (such as Oil Free Moisturizer or Night Cream AHA)
TIP: Weekly exfoliation (such as Facial Scrub and Clay Mask) removes dullness, and stimulates cell renewal. It also tightens skin, and dissolves dead cells. Facial scrubs and clay masks keep the pores clear of the material that forms blemishes and blackheads. Note: Never use a scrub if you have moderate to severe acne. You can also find body washes, deodorant, cleansing bars and lip balm in this skincare line.

Baxter also carries pomades, shampoo, conditioner, and hand crafted swiss combs to keep your grooming intact days after shaving. Cedra carries all these products and other grooming tools to meet all your needs.