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And They Said...Let There Be Light!

When people usually walk into Cedra, one of the first things that I always hear them say is "Wow it smells amazing in here" to which I reply, "Thank You" as if they were actually complimenting me or something, which they are not. But I do get to choose the scent that fills the store! And On a day to day basis I burn a Lampe Berger Lamp and usually stick to a neutral, calming scent. 

Lampe Berger for those who may not know, began over 100 years ago by a pharmacist who created it as a diffuser to kill germs in the air. It wasn't until years later that the lamp that we know and love today, that sells over 800,000 units per year, became what we know it to be now. The lamp actually attracts bacteria that float in the air into the burner stone and eliminates it on contact. There are a few questions that customers ask me who purchase these lamps.


How to Use:

How much fluid should I be using?

  • Before burning, fill the lamp up about 3/4 of the way, it also needs air space in the container to burn properly. Let soak for 20 mins then burn.

Why does the liquid evaporate so fast?

  • If you do not cover the stone with the included metal cap, the liquid will evaporate because of the high alcohol content. 

How do I light it?

  • To light, burn the stone at the top (it is the same stone that a pizza oven is made of) and leave lit for 10 mins, supervise the entire time, then blow out and enjoy the fragrance as it kills the odors and germs in the air.