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Cedra Specialty Pharmacy strives to continue providing the highest quality customer service and pharmaceutical products. This is the reason medical professional seek out our services. The FAQ below will help answer your questions.


Q: When do I receive my medication?

A: You will receive your medication the next day after your request.

Q: What are the benefits of adherence?

A: Our team of pharmacists and clinical care specialists want the best for you in terms of your health. They are available 24/7 to ensure you receive the information needed to continue your treatment plan. They also work with your physician for optimal continuum of care.

Q: What is your adherence program?

A: Our adherence program ensures patients are successful with their treatment for better health outcomes. We provide education and counseling to improve compliance.

Q: What if I don’t have insurance?

A: Our financial assistance team will help you find financial aid to help pay for your medications.


Q: What are the goals of the treatment programs?

A: With our treatment programs, we work towards:
· Educating patients
· Discussing patient’s treatment plans for better understanding
· Encouraging patients to live a healthier lifestyle
· Motivating patients to adhere to medication plans
· Helping to avoid potential side effects
· Helping to avoid interruptions in treatment
· Assisting to prevent drug interactions
· Ensuring patients are satisfied