Walk into Cedra Pharmacy and experience thoughtful service and a wealth of hard-to-find products. Become a member and enjoy the convenience and reassurance of a personalized pharmaceutical team.

Our pharmacists help you understand your medical condition(s), manage your medications, negotiate your insurance and help improve your overall health. Our floor staff can recommend products to make you look and feel great—from an ache-less body to skin that feels supple and healthy. Drawing upon deep experience in hospital pharmacies, holistic health/nutrition stores and top cosmetic counters, our staff is committed to your health, comfort and peace of mind.


When deciding on any product, you hold it against a stringent set of requirements. You consider how effective it claims to be, how it’s made and with what ingredients. You ask whether it inspires you to own it.

But before they become part of your routine, you have to track down these remarkable items. That’s where we come in. Our curators are actively hunting for the world’s most effective and desirable products—including many you’ve never heard of. We scour the most trusted beauty and wellness resources, interview experts in the field and rigorously test products in-store. Stocking both luxury goods and high quality staples, we ensure you’ll find everything you need.