AYUNA - Cream


AYUNA - Cream


The emulsion has excellent sensorial properties. The formula targets a range of skin functions and expand the potential benefits obtained from botanical ingredients by incorporating the science of Phyto-peptides and Plasmas Rich in Botanical Cell Factors, including those of Green Carrot, Arabian Cotton and Pomegranate. Phyto-peptidic Fractions from Turmeric Root and Centella, known as the longevity plant, favorably help the skin to maintain its regenerative abilities. This integral rejuvenating treatment melts onto the skin, leaving in its wake a soft evanescent film.

Product Benefits:
Exceptional efficacy results as measured by an independent dermatologist:

  • Wrinkles are softer.
  • Elasticity visibly improves.
  • Skin appears more radiant.
  • Skin texture is softer and firmer.
  • Complexion is more even and spots noticeably improve.
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The Green Technology found in AYUNA's CREAMs is based on the use of very specific species of botanical cells, which are grown in-vitro within a strict and extremely controlled environment to ensure high efficient natural cosmetic bio-actives. From this process we obtain:

  • PLAMAS RICH IN BOTANICAL CELL FACTORS, which contain all of the signaling molecules produced by the plant including epigenetic, transcription and growth factors; with a wide spectrum of phyto-molecules. AYUNA incorporates PLASMAS obtained from Pomegranate, Green Carrot and Arabian Cotton.
  • PHYTO-PEPTIDES, which are pure natural-grade molecules that are both gentle and powerfully active at low doses. It is important to note that these are the first botanical bio-peptides ever used in cosmetics. AYUNA formulates using phyto-peptidic fractions from Turmeric Root and Centella Asiática.

Natural Essential Oil-based Fragrance
A beautifulness cocktail comprised of natural aromatic essential oils: 

  • Gurjum Balm
  • Holly wood
  • Myrrh
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Buchú