IMMUNOCOLOGIE - Hyaluronic Serum


IMMUNOCOLOGIE - Hyaluronic Serum


A highly effective serum with a dual-action hydrating formula.

 Containing a natural sodium hyaluronate derived from corn that allows the ingredient to hold a moisture level equal to 1,000x its own weight, Hyaluronic Serum provides the skin with a boost of hyaluronic acid while also stimulating internal production for immediate deep skin hydration. Hyaluronic Serum also repairs damaged skin cells, giving the skin a healthier, more supple and softer complexion. 


• Stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid, providing increased hydration

• Smoothes and softens fine lines and wrinkles

• Assists in the cell rejuvenation process

• Soothes and calms inflamed skin

• Stimulates collagen synthesis, plumping and firming the skin

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