Total-body wellness takes dedication, commitment and comprehensive support. At Cedra Pharmacy, we help you reach your wellness goals with a host of in-house trainers and care providers. Our highly trained staff comes to you, so you can spend time doing what you love—and be in great shape to enjoy it. 


Walk into Cedra Pharmacy and experience thoughtful service, a-la-carte wellness support and a wealth of hard-to-find products. Become a member and enjoy the convenience and reassurance of a personalized pharmaceutical and wellness team.

Our nutritionists and trainers help you build a custom plan designed especially for you. Our floor staff can recommend products to make you look and feel great—from an ache-less body to skin that feels supple and healthy. Drawing upon deep experience in hospital pharmacies, holistic health/nutrition stores and the best fitness studios, our staff is committed to your health, comfort and peace of mind.

Staying well is about more than taking the right medications and keeping up with your doctor’s appointments. It’s also about taking care of yourself, eating right and exercising in a way that’s safe and productive for your body. These preventative measures will keep you happy, active and healthy for years to come. 

At Cedra Pharmacy, we make it easier to care for yourself and your body. Our specialized team of trainers, nutritionists, and massage therapists create custom plans designed to prevent illness, nutritional deficiencies and injuries down the line. We’ll even visit you at your home or gym to do it. 





Maintaining a healthy fitness program during pregnancy is key to the health of both mother and child. Continuing that program after giving birth can boost your energy and help you recover quickly. 


Whether you need to lose or gain, weight management is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and can prevent disease and deficiency.


If the body is a machine, then stretching is the oil that makes the gears move smoothly. In these specialized sessions, we teach the necessary preventative measures for the most common injuries.


Whether you have a specific diet, a deficiency, or nutritional need, our in-house nutrition counselors can design a custom plan to suit your life. Then, we’ll help you stick to it with practical advice and tips.


Whether you’re a pro player, a high school athlete, or are in a recreational league, our trainers can design a program that maximizes your performance—both on and off the field.


If you’ve been injured, physical activity is essential to your recovery—but reintroducing it can be risky. Our trainers are experts in free-motion and design programs to stimulate safe muscular function.


A deep tissue/acupressure style of body manipulation, myofascial release frees up the joints, loosens the muscles, and improves their function. 


Our certified massage therapists come to your home, delivering expert care. Choose from a range of massage methodologies, from deep tissue to reflexology to hot stone.