At Cedra Pharmacy, our service is professional, knowledgeable and customized. Like an attentive concierge, we anticipate your needs and administer unprecedented care, so you can focus on the pursuit of healthy living.

We have nutritionists in-house, personal trainers on deck and nurses on call—and our diverse backgrounds come together to serve your greatest needs. Drawing upon deep experience in hospital pharmacies, holistic health/nutrition stores and top cosmetic counters, our staff is committed to your health, comfort and peace of mind.

Walk in, and experience thoughtful service and a wealth of hard-to-find products. Become a member, and enjoy the convenience and reassurance of a personalized pharmaceutical team. Our pharmacists help you understand your condition(s), manage your medications, negotiate your insurance and improve your overall health.

Mazen Karnaby founded Cedra Pharmacy in 2014 as the antidote to the modern pharmacy. Where others are corporate and transactional, Cedra Pharmacy is specialized, personal and cutting edge.