Walk into Cedra Pharmacy, and experience a distinct difference. Far beyond being treated as an anonymous customer, our pharmaceutical staff invests in you with knowledge and care. For this reason, the services we provide are consistently thoughtful and deeply customized. 

We educate patients about medications and supplements, how to manage side effects, proper nutrition and healthy exercise. When it comes to getting the right treatment covered, we’ll advocate for you in negotiations with your insurance company and inform you of patient programs and grants.



For many patients, Crohn’s disease requires diligent self-care, a strict diet and life-long treatment. At Cedra Pharmacy, we advise you on how to manage your symptoms, alleviate side effects and adjust your diet and daily life.

For our gastroenterology patients, we stock all possible treatments for Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis, from long-term pharmaceuticals to short-term relief during a flare. We also help you cope with the discomfort, stress and fatigue that may accompany your illness. When you are feeling well, we monitor your condition with regular check-ins. We ensure you’re getting proper nutrition and iron intake (which can be especially difficult for those with GI problems), and we’ll help you identify foods and medications to which you react negatively. 


Whether it’s you or your child, receiving a Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis is daunting. But you aren’t alone—and with the help of the right care team, patients can lead full, happy lives. Our experts educate you about your condition, monitor your health and customize treatment according to your symptoms.

It’s our goal to help you overcome your condition, do the things you love and extend your lifespan through careful, diligent care. By regularly monitoring patients’ health before they feel sick, we head off major lung infections and vitamin deficiencies. By suggesting high-quality nutritional supplements, we help patients’ bodies absorb essential nutrients, a process that Cystic Fibrosis hinders by obstructing the pancreas. We also help manage the frustration, fatigue and confusion that come with this chronic, life-threatening illness.


When your skin is clear and healthy, you can approach each day with confidence. At Cedra Pharmacy, we help you find the right treatment for your skin and supplement your medication with holistic treatments. 

To help you discover the glowing skin you’ve always wanted, we educate you on the risks and benefits of a range of dermatological medications and recommend topical creams, balms and nutritional supplements. We can instruct you on how to resolve cysts and identify problem areas that necessitate your dermatologist’s intervention.


Receiving a hepatitis diagnosis can be confusing—and requires a lifestyle adjustment. Our specialists coordinate your treatment and help you manage everything from your medication to your diet.

Our specialty staff educates you on red flags, nutritional do’s and don’ts, how to listen to your body and when to seek medical intervention. We’ll help you adjust to your medications, manage any side effects and transition to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Through consistent and vigilant care, you can bring your hepatitis under control—and live a normal, fulfilling life. 


When you’re living with HIV/AIDS, keeping track of your health can feel like a full-time job. Our pharmacists are compassionate and knowledgeable, and will help you manage specific symptoms, look out for red flags and adjust your daily life according to how you feel. We also talk through some of the practical, social and emotional discomforts of living with HIV, such as how and when to tell others about your status.  

We collaborate with you and your physicians, and have established our own clinical initiatives that improve patient outcomes. Our patients receive personalized service and holistic care that others don’t. In addition to your HIV-specific medication, we consider the whole picture of your health, ensuring that you have everything you need to feel as well as possible. Plus, we’ll follow-up with you and adjust your plan as needed. 


Affecting the brain and spinal cord, Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative condition that requires a delicate, careful touch and a vigilant, experienced eye. Our specialists have helped patients manage their symptoms, delay spinal erosion and lead long, active lives. 

In addition to assisting with primary treatment, our pharmacy specialists help you control, and in some cases, eliminate, the symptoms of your disease. Through a customized treatment plan, we help improve your quality of life and health, so you can get back to living. We work with your physicians to ensure safe, efficient and effective care that maximizes your outcomes.


No one is prepared for a cancer diagnosis. However, Cedra Pharmacy can help you decide what to do next. Our staff of oncology specialists can help you make decisions about your treatment, manage your symptoms, ease the side effects of chemotherapy and other medications, and help you come to terms with your diagnosis. Our staff is compassionate, kind and deeply concerned with your physical and emotional wellbeing. 

In order to keep you in the best shape possible, our staff will monitor your health during regular check-ins. In the process, we learn about you: your priorities, goals and aspirations. Then, we support your health as you pursue those goals. 


Whether it’s triggered by stress, an allergy, or seemingly nothing at all, Psoriasis is a persistent and frustrating condition. Those who suffer from it know: not only is it uncomfortable, but it may cause you to cover up and withdraw from social situations. 

At Cedra Pharmacy, our Psoriasis specialists help you calm your irritated skin, select the best treatment and supplement it with high-quality, over-the-counter balms and salves. If you’ve been struggling with chronic Psoriasis for years, we can help you make the case to your doctor for a stronger treatment. If yours is more or less under control, we can make diet and lifestyle suggestions to help you keep inflammation down. 


Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis is a game of chance. You’re never quite sure when the chronic joint and tissue inflammation will spring up—and when it does, it leads to immobility, pain and fatigue. 

At Cedra Pharmacy, we improve your odds. Our specialists work tirelessly to ensure that you get the right combination of treatments to alleviate your pain and lessen its frequency. As an autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis can be triggered by stress. Our specialists help you manage your emotional wellbeing as well, in order to avoid flares. Working with your primary physician, we’ll monitor your health during regular check-ins and keep an eye out for red flags.


You’ve just gone through transplant surgery. The worst is over—but you aren’t out of the woods yet. Cedra Pharmacy can help you prepare for the multitude of side effects, lifestyle changes and challenges you’ll be facing in the months to come.

Specializing in transplant care, our pharmacists help you recognize and treat side effects of transplants, identify any warning signs that require medical intervention and alleviate any stress associated with your recent surgery. Working with your primary physician, we’ll check in on your health and modify your treatment plan as needed to ensure that your body adjusts to the transplant as smoothly as possible. 


On its own, Alzheimer’s disease is debilitating; combined with a preexisting condition, it makes health maintenance a daily challenge. While Alzheimer’s disease generally affects an older population, patients as young as 50 may exhibit symptoms of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. 

At Cedra Pharmacy, we help our Alzheimer’s patients choose the best course of treatment and stay on top of their self-care. With the help of a customized pillbox, our pharmacists make it easier for Alzheimer’s patients to keep track of their daily medications, assert independence and live with dignity. Plus, we check in with patients regularly and monitor their health to ensure that they are taking all medications correctly.


An estimated 382 million people have diabetes worldwide, and that figure is growing. Without proper treatment, diabetes can lead to a vicious cycle of lethargy and lack of self-care—with life-threatening consequences. That’s why it’s essential that—no matter how advanced your diabetes is—you have a talented healthcare team at your disposal. 

Whether diabetic or pre-diabetic, we at Cedra Pharmacy take a two-pronged approach. First, we ensure that you’re on the correct medication and are testing your blood sugar regularly. Then, we help implement lifestyle changes that will alleviate symptoms and lengthen your lifespan. We help you develop good habits like light exercise and ensure you have regular access to healthy, diabetic-friendly foods. Our specialists will monitor your health during regular check-ups to make sure your blood sugar levels are where they should be.


While many illnesses can be treated with a manufactured pharmaceutical, there are some conditions that require a custom approach: compounding.

At Cedra Pharmacy, we’ve been trained by the nation’s leading experts in custom pharmaceutical compounding. We can create a salt and antibiotic solution especially designed for your sore throat—or a customized cosmeceutical recommended by your dermatologist. We’re always innovating new compounds and methodologies—speak with a compounding expert today to learn more about our expertise.


Neurological disorders represent a witch’s brew of unpleasant symptoms: paralysis, muscle weakness, poor coordination, loss of sensation, seizures, confusion and pain. If you’ve been diagnosed with a neurological disorder, you may feel that your body has betrayed you—and not know where to turn. 

At Cedra Pharmacy, we help alleviate the emotional and physical strains of neurological disorders. Whether you’ve experienced substantial brain damage, suffer from seizure disorders or movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, or have spinal cord injuries with neurological consequences, our specialists work with you to understand your capabilities and needs. By understanding your unique condition, we’re able to develop a custom plan to help you manage symptoms and improve your quality of life.