An important part of Cedra Specialty Pharmacy services is the assistance we provide patients with their medication reimbursement. We have experience in payor policies and procedures. We know prior-authorization guidelines to make the process of getting your prescriptions authorized quick and easy. We are the point of contact for physicians and payors to help our patients get their medications when they need them.

We accept all major insurance plans:

  • Medicare 
  • Commercial Insurance
  • PBM pharmacy programs
  • Manufacture patient assistance programs



Our mission is to provide outstanding service to our patients and their physicians at competitive pricing. Due to our size, we are able to secure reasonable costs. We have a commitment to service excellence that can’t be beat because we continuously make referrals to leading institutions and providers. This benefits our payors in many ways:

  • It improves their relationship with the provider and patient
  • It coordinates benefits, pharmacy billing and reimbursement
  • Ensures improved clinical outcomes
  • Lowers costs and improves adherence because patients don’t have to choose other necessities over their medications
  • Ensures consistency of care




With our continuum of care between patients, providers, and payors, we are able to offer the following benefits to patients and providers

For additional information about Cedra Specialty Pharmacy, contact us at 212 758 1199

  • Source of pharmaceutical information
  • Reimbursement support services
  • Staff education programs
  • Optimal patient outcomes
  • Co-payment vouchers
  • Co-pay financial assistance
  • Unit-dosed packaging
  • Clinical support 24/7