Get To Know Your Pharmacy: Angelika

This New Jersey native is the firecracker on the team. Ang attended Pascack Valley High School and knew that she wanted to be involved in a career that would not only benefit her but others as well.  Graduating from LIU with her Pharmacy degree in 2015, she is a fresh face bursting with energy and excitement. She is well knowledgable and is here to answer your questions. She is recently engaged and enjoys spending her free time traveling back to her home country of Poland when she can. We want to know our customers as best as we can and to do that we should share who we are as well. Here at Cedra we aren't just a Pharmacy or a Boutique, we are your one stop shop for all of your Beauty and Wellness needs. If you can't find the time to stop in, give us a call and Ang or any one of us will be here to assist you as best we can. 

Cedra x BrioGeo Spring Hair Affair

On behalf of Cedra and BrioGeo I would like to thank all of the wonderful people who attended our in-store event this past Saturday; April 2nd despite the touchy weather that we experienced. We got the chance to meet a ton of new faces and really interact with the customers on a friendly, personal basis. We hope to continue to work towards a better, healthier you, it all takes one step and we are here to guide you along the way. 

As well I would like to thank Nancy Twine as well as Joey Lauren founders of BrioGeo and Kissamint respectively for coming out and talking to the customers about their wonderful brands and how they came up with these amazing ideas. Special thanks also goes out to Katie Rosen of MD SolarSciences for attending and setting up a table to discuss the importance of skin care and preservation from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. 

The afternoon was spent chatting and shopping. There was a Braid Bar at the back and Makeup applications done by our personal beauty guru Brandon Cross in the front. The day was complete with customers shopping around the store and getting 20% off of their entire purchase as well as leaving with a swag bag donated by Briogeo but containing other goodies from such brands as Java Skin Care, MD SolarSciences, Aloha, and Europarfumes. Till next season! Hope that those that could not make this event will be able to make the next one!


        Hello everyone! This is the launch of the Spring Season for my Cedra, We are putting together a mini event with our partner company BrioGeo. Complimentary Apps and Prosecco while you shop around and listen to some fun music to get you into the groove for the weekend. You can also get your hair braided with a fun style, that incorporates beautiful real flowers into it, by one of our professional hair stylists that will be in-store or get your makeup done simply by spending $50+ on anything in store.

        As you may or may not know, for every prescription that we fill, Cedra donates to the St. Jude Children's Hospital and the American Cancer Society and 5% of all sales during this event will be donated as well! Come show your support and lets have a fun boozy afternoon together. Did I also mention that there will be a raffle! When you come in, make sure to put your name down on the sign in sheet and 30 lucky guests will be selected at random to receive a complimentary swag bag!  YAAAS SPRING

And They Said...Let There Be Light!

When people usually walk into Cedra, one of the first things that I always hear them say is "Wow it smells amazing in here" to which I reply, "Thank You" as if they were actually complimenting me or something, which they are not. But I do get to choose the scent that fills the store! And On a day to day basis I burn a Lampe Berger Lamp and usually stick to a neutral, calming scent. 

Lampe Berger for those who may not know, began over 100 years ago by a pharmacist who created it as a diffuser to kill germs in the air. It wasn't until years later that the lamp that we know and love today, that sells over 800,000 units per year, became what we know it to be now. The lamp actually attracts bacteria that float in the air into the burner stone and eliminates it on contact. There are a few questions that customers ask me who purchase these lamps.


How to Use:

How much fluid should I be using?

  • Before burning, fill the lamp up about 3/4 of the way, it also needs air space in the container to burn properly. Let soak for 20 mins then burn.

Why does the liquid evaporate so fast?

  • If you do not cover the stone with the included metal cap, the liquid will evaporate because of the high alcohol content. 

How do I light it?

  • To light, burn the stone at the top (it is the same stone that a pizza oven is made of) and leave lit for 10 mins, supervise the entire time, then blow out and enjoy the fragrance as it kills the odors and germs in the air.

Cheers To You!

Courtesy of The UES Meatball Shop 

Courtesy of The UES Meatball Shop 

        Cheers to the Weekend! Count yourself as one of the lucky ones, you made it through the second work week of the year. By this time, any new years resolution that you made is either a hit or a miss but no where in between. For those of you who have successfully stood by your word to make certain changes and improvements, it is time to celebrate! And for those who have fallen a bit short…NO WORRIES, you have almost the whole year of 2016 ahead of you. So kick back this weekend and soak up all the R&R that you can and get ready to tackle next week with a fresh face and an eager mind. 

Cedra Welcomes 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.43.43 PM.png

Welcome to the first work week of 2016. Last year was a great one for Cedra, we have expanded from one location to two and connected with many new patients as well as clients. The new location is in Houston, TX and will be celebrating its grand opening this coming February 9th! 

Cedra is more than just a pharmacy and boutique, it's a hybrid. What sets it apart from other stores is our customer service. We take pride in being able to give personalized attention to each person that walks through our doors. We feel it important to speak with and get to know every client before suggesting anything that they should try or purchase. 

Some might think that we only cater to certain demographics but this is not the case. We accept all major insurances and welcome anyone whom we can assist. We want to offer an upscale experience to a variety of people. We have products of all different price ranges and believe that we can help you can find anything to suit your needs perfectly.

Be ready to see Cedra in a whole new light in 2016. We are working hard to be bigger and better in order to provide you with the best services and products possible. 

Hope to see you soon!



CEDRA is on a roll with another awesome feature! This time we landed on Women's Health Mag, which focused on the wellness side of Cedra Pharmacy. They asked Founder and Pharm D; Mazen Karnaby, five questions that you should ask your pharmacist on a visit. Check it out!