Cedra x Zoeva


I have been struggling to keep this secret for so long now. But it's finally here! Cedra has newly partnered with the amazing brand Zoeva. I have been interested in their products personally for years and last year someone bought me a couple items from the line. From that day I knew that this was a company that more people needed to know about. 

All of their products are extremely high quality and effective. The pigments are vivid and the brushes are soft yet supple. Gone are the days when Beauty meant Pain because with Zoeva all you will feel is complete bliss. The products are so wonderfully priced so that everyone can feel just as glamorous as the next. Just like Cedra, we want you to walk in and think..."WOW" you wont believe what other wonderful products that we carry unless you stop inside. 

Remember you are where you shop and always be conscious of what you buy. Shop smart and only get the best products for you possible, let Cedra help you with some of those decisions. Stop in this week and receive 10% off your first purchase!

Color Corrector or Concealer

   Its only April and it seems like a new craze has taken over the year. It may have started over social media channels last year but people have been color correcting for years. There is a difference between color correcting and concealing. People are over doing the whole color correction process. If you have slight darkness under your eye area (1-3 or even 4 shades darker), then you can get away with using a thin coat of a full coverage concealer, no need to use red lipstick under your eyes and then find yourself struggling to blend it out and cover it with your foundation/concealer afterwards.

        Color correctors are only necessary if you’re dealing with a more serious skin problems like melasma, rosacea or acne scars, in which case you might want a bit more help in covering up these issues.  

If you are a person who does not like to wear ‘a lot’ of makeup, and by this I mean, no foundation or concealer just a few strokes of powder, then color correcting definitely is not for you. When using a color corrector, I recommend applying foundation, then color correcting and then concealing. This is a process that can be difficult at first but if necessary can help to make the world of difference.

The Next Best Use For Dry Shampoo

— Brandon Cross

If you can be guilty of not wanting to wash your hair regularly like me then you probably have heard of Dry Shampoo, it seems like almost every brand now is making some form of dry shampoo, from a spray, to a powder, they come in all shapes and sizes. 

Well now there is more time to rejoice! If you have been to Sephora lately then you might have seen that they are now making Dry Clean (and instant dry brush cleaner) If you do not feel like shelling out the cash to try this item, guess what...you regular Dry Shampoo will have the same effect. Simply spray the brush with the dry shampoo and wipe on a clean cloth or paper towel to clean. Voila! Short, Simple, Easy. 

The Power of Chia

#MTT Makeup Tip Thursday
— Brandon Cross

        Relatively unknown in North America until recently, Chia Seeds have been a staple food in Mexico for centuries. Chia seeds come from a species of flowing plant in the Mint family and have been highly valued as an endurance promoting food by the Mayans and Aztecs since ancient times. A rich vegetarian source of omega-3, antioxidants and bone building minerals, Chia seeds even possess anti-cancer properties. These remarkable seeds naturally boost energy, help stabilize blood sugar levels and promote gentle detoxification.

        Maya Chia is a clean beauty line founded by Susanne Norwitz, an escapee of the corporate fast track and an unabashed dreamer/believer in pursuing your passions. In line with the company’s commitment to health and wellness, Maya Chia skin care products are free from harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, and colorants. All of our products are made in the USA in Charleston, SC.

        Makeup can be a sensitive topic for those with sensitive skin but now products are being made with more skin related issues in mind. Maya chia is perfect for those with skin irritation, redness or even rosacea. If the skin is calm then there will be a more seamless application of topical cosmetics. Start from the root of the issue and you will exude the beauty within. 

An Unlikely Eye Primer

— Brandon Cross

There are too many eye shadows to count but there are certain colors that you might like to slurge on. The difficult part in making this decision to purchase is that you most likely do not want to spend 20+ dollars on an eye shadow that you will only use once of twice. You really don’t have to because as long as you follow this tip you can take any cheap shadow to a professional looking one.

Use any white cream based eye product like the NYX White Eye Liner Crayon and use as an eye shadow primer. This white base will make any low opacity eye shadow that you have look bolder and much more vivid. This tip also works with lip colors, give it a try! 

Ooh La Lash

— Brandon Cross

Lashes Lashes Lashes, it seems like these days everyone is wearing some form of a false lash. There are strip lashes, individual lashes, eye lash extensions and the original false lash which is good old mascara. No shame here! We use these products to enhance our preexisting features and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Self-improvement in any form is progress and we are definitely on board. At times, all of these false lashes can be a bit of work. From the strips and individuals, to the higher end mink lashes that are around these days can start at 20 dollars and go up from there. The glue can irritate your eyes and most of the time only makes it though half the day before you a wonky eyelash and look like you are winking at everyone.  Eyelash extensions on the other hand mean that you have to be careful with what products that you use on your face and have to go to a salon every few weeks which can be both time consuming and expensive.

There are a few old tricks that you should know that can save you time, money and stress.


1.     Powder Lashes

Adding a bit of loose powder onto your lashes before applying mascara can really help to bulk up any thin or sparse lashes for a fuller, dramatic effect.

2.     Multiple wands

Sometimes two is better than one. Personally I use the Becca Ultimate Full Lash Perfecting Mascara for volume and then go over with the Antonym Lola Lash Mascara for separating, lengthening and curling.

3.     Tight Water Line

Be sure to tight line and go over your waterline to make the base of the lashes appear fuller. It will also ensure that there are no spaces between your lashes which make them seem sparse.






Think Outside the Box, Draw Outside the Lines

— Brandon Cross


        Two words come to mind when you think lips…KYLIE JENNER. She is undeniably the queen of lips as of 2015. We are all aware that she has had a little help in the lip department aside from lip liners, but she had lead many girls on for a while by swearing that all she did was overdraw her lips.

        Overdrawing is something that done in moderation particular to the individual can subtly enhance the lips size and shape. HOWEVER, this is not a magic wand, you cannot just draw on whatever lips that you would like. ESPECIALLY in the daytime, overdrawn lips are easy to spot and appear like more of a mistake than an enhancement.

Here are a few tips to keep those lips looking Real as opposed to Real Fake.

1.     Just Above Not Beyond

- If you are overdrawing, keep the liner just above your natural lip line to add a bit to the size. If you draw too far above your natural line, you will be able to clearly see the division between actual lip and your skin.

2.     Conceal-Her

- After finishing with the lip liner, if the lines are not too sharp and appear a bit muddy, use a lip brush to smoothen out the lines and then use any thin brush with your concealer or foundation to tighten up mistakes.

3.     Don’t Leave Em High and Dry

- The winter time can leave your lips chapped or dry, try using our tip from our S.O.S. post or apply a lip balm before using a lip liner especially if you do not plan on using any product like a gloss over the liner. 

Falling Out With Your Eyeshadow

— Brandon Cross

          I know that I cannot be the only one...You are getting ready and get past all of the major steps...Primer, Moisturizer, Foundation, Concealer, Setting Powder, Contour, then you are almost finished but you then decide to try an eye shadow look...and then it happens...FALLOUT. One of the most irritating steps to getting ready is the dreaded Fallout. Beware, these small little flakes might seem like a little bump in the road but as soon as you touch it,  those pesky little specks will smear everywhere and easily ruin your face and in turn ruin your day.

        There is a plethora of products that you can purchase and a variety of tricks that you can try to avoid Fallout but there is a simple way to refrain from all of this. START WITH THE EYES FIRST. This will allow you to be messy without any of the stress!

Start with the eye shadow first, then use a makeup remover to rid of the excess for clean lines

Start with the eye shadow first, then use a makeup remover to rid of the excess for clean lines

Don't be a Blush Lush

— Brandon Cross


Everyone wants to look like the blushing bride, even when they are nowhere near marriage…One can dream. But in the meantime, almost everyone loves the look of blushing cheeks. It adds youth and playfulness to the face. Just like almost every other makeup trend, blush can be abused. Blush is supposed to be an accent to the face and mimic how the face would naturally appear when flushed. Here are a few tips to keep you from your look being a hit or a miss.


1. Skin Condition

I know that everyone has a preference, some people prefer to use powder, some prefer creams. If you are a person with oily skin, put down the cream products. If you use a powder blush, during the day when the skin begins to produce oil, the powder will combat the oil and keep you blushing all day long. And the same goes for people with dry skin…Put down the Powder, try a cream. 

2. Skin Tone

Blush is not a one size fits all product. Some blushes are made with warm undertones and some made with cool. If you are someone with fair skin and pink tones to your skin, then using a deep tangerine blush will make the skin appear muddy:

  • Fair and cool: Baby pinks
  • Fair and warm/neutral: Sheer apricots and peaches
  • Medium and warm/olive/neutral: Deeper peachy-pinks, corals, ambers and even roses
  • Medium and cool: Roses, berries and sheer plums
  • Deep and warm/neutral: Bright pinks and fuchsias
  • Deep and cool: Oranges and reds

3. Placement

Blush is a cheek product. Not the jaw line, not the nose. Too often people will drag the blush too far down or too close to the nose, remember the two finger rule. Take your pointer and middle finger and place next to your nose, your blush should not come down further than your two fingers. Also be sure to get to know your face. Use your finger to see where YOUR cheekbones are, keep the blush on and above your cheekbones or else you will end up aging your face 

4. Blending

By now you should have this in your mantra…Blend, Blend, Blend! If you are dotting on your blush to the face and not properly bending it out, you will be left with pink, or reddish marks that can be mistaken for rosacea or some other skin condition. 

5. Blush as Contour

There are products specifically designed for contour and products made for blush. It is a good idea to know that many products have more than one use but be sure to use appropriately. Also be sure to clean your brushes after use if using the same brush. You don’t want black ever shadow getting on your cheeks, or rosy blush on your forehead 


Basically, If you’re in a rush…forget the blush (apply with care)