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Java Skincare Discovery Kits Available at Cedra

Java Skincare Discovery Kits Available at Cedra

Java Skincare has been on our shelves and part of the Cedra line now for some time and we really feel like it needs the attention online that it sees here in our store! These kits sell so well because they are the perfect sampling size for people who want to try an array of the products from the company before committing to the larger sizes. At only $25 Retail this item makes the perfect for a friend or just for you!

The products are natural and invigorating, and perfect for an at home spa treatment. The scrub will remove dirt and dry skin and the bar soap and body wash will cleanse it all away. Finish off your beauty regime with the body serum to leave your skin oh so soft. 

In addition the coffee element to the line has benefits far beyond just an invigorating scent. The Green Coffee will reduce the appearance of scar tissue, another important benefit of antioxidants in skin care. Scar tissue has a different cell structure than that of healthy skin, making it rigid. Antioxidants increase blood flow to scar tissue, minimizing the look of the scar and blending in the development of new skin. Antioxidants produce valuable anti-inflammatory results by increasing circulation and cell metabolism. Reducing inflammation promotes more even skin tone and helps keep acne and wrinkles at bay.

Fragrance is in the Air

Although we may not think of our sense of taste as one of our most vital senses, it actually may be more important than you think. We all know that our sense of sight and sound are blessings but actually our sense of smell also helps us stay safe. Smell is an important sense as it can alert us to danger like gas leaks, fire or rotten food but also it is closely linked to parts of the brain that process emotion and memory. Unpleasant and bad smells actually send pain signals to the brain to warn us of possible danger.

The limbic center, or the area of the brain that processes emotions, is tied to the brain’s olfactory bulbs, which process smells. This close connection in the brain helps make the relationship between smells and moods, scents and memories, quite strong. Smell is also important as it can affect our sense of taste. Researchers say 80 percent of the flavors we taste come from what we smell, which is why foods can become flavorless when you have a blocked nose. Taste buds on our tongues can only identify four qualities being sweet, sour, bitter and salt and the remaining ‘tastes’ are actually distinguished by smell.

Colognes and Perfumes are marketed all the time and people buy them because of the way they make them feel. A scent can prove efficient when trying to attain a partner but even as well when simply changing your own mood. A spray of a citrus based scent can boost energy levels and make you feel more alert. Vanilla based scents can ignite feelings of joy and relaxation (also in the case of pine) Come on into Cedra and we will help you find the right scent to put you in that mood you're looking for. 

You know how they say the most beautiful thing that you can wear is a smile, well that all starts with being in the right mood. Every time you walk into one of our stores, you are guaranteed to leave happier than when you came in. 

Its One Love, Morning, Noon and Night

During the summertime it may be a misconception that the humidity and sweat from the heat bring moisture to the body but this is not entirely true. During these warm summer months, you will be exposed to the sun on a much more extended basis, as well as salt water and chlorine if the beaches and pools tickle your fancy and these all add up to drying out your skin and hair. 

Most people have a certain skin routine and do not change it as the seasons change but let me tell you...its time for an update! Wearing makeup in the hot months and sweating then possibly falling asleep after a long nights out are HORRIBLE for the integrity of your skin. 

Add these simple steps to your daily routine for the softest skin, that people will have to touch...Let One Love show you the way

In the Mornings:

One Love Organics' Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum is one to beat, not to mention environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. The formula has the benefits of two exotic oils, sea buckthorn and chia which add omega-3 and 7 to skin. In a base of coconut oil derivative and sunflower oil, the gardenia scent has a chance to scent skin to the perfect degree. Plus, it works as a beach essential because it can be used in the hair as well!

During the day:

During the day, One Love Organics' Vitamin D Moisture Mist is a part lightweight moisturizer, part toner, this botanical mist infuses skin with emollient oils and Vitamin E via a delayed time-release delivery system for long-lasting hydration and unparalleled efficacy. Shiitake mushroom, a natural source of Vitamin D, helps tone and balance while antioxidant-rich alpine rose helps to protect against environmental stressors and elemental dryness.

At Night:

Remember to wash the day off with the One Love Organics' Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover which effortlessly lifts away impurities and makeup while restoring skin’s natural moisture barrier and pH balance. This non-stripping, clean-rinsing formula features papain, a fruit enzyme that helps to exfoliate and soften, and a natural Vitamin B complex to detoxify and tone.

Cedra x Zoeva


I have been struggling to keep this secret for so long now. But it's finally here! Cedra has newly partnered with the amazing brand Zoeva. I have been interested in their products personally for years and last year someone bought me a couple items from the line. From that day I knew that this was a company that more people needed to know about. 

All of their products are extremely high quality and effective. The pigments are vivid and the brushes are soft yet supple. Gone are the days when Beauty meant Pain because with Zoeva all you will feel is complete bliss. The products are so wonderfully priced so that everyone can feel just as glamorous as the next. Just like Cedra, we want you to walk in and think..."WOW" you wont believe what other wonderful products that we carry unless you stop inside. 

Remember you are where you shop and always be conscious of what you buy. Shop smart and only get the best products for you possible, let Cedra help you with some of those decisions. Stop in this week and receive 10% off your first purchase!

Colored Roots New Trend of Summer 2016!

It always happens with that Coachella time of year. Vivid pops of color come back in style and people become more bohemian and free with their style choices. In my opinion, I wanted something not too crazy but something that was different. Hairstyles come and go but feel free when experimenting with your hair because you can always change it. 

When going for a more drastic change like I did (Going from Black to gray tips with purple roots) you want to ensure that you do it in steps. Going from one extreme to another is going to be damaging to the integrity of your hair and this is because you are most likely going to require bleach. When starting this process I knew that I would need to lift my black hair to a brown that I could get away with wearing on the daily basis. 

I began using a L'oreal lightener with a 20 Volume developer and this helped bring my hair to a yellow-ish brown to which I toned with a purple hair dye mixed with conditioner that left my hair a nice caramel brown. Three weeks later I went in with the same process on the ends and touched it on my roots afterward just to lift the color ever so slightly. When this was done my hair was butter yellow on the ends and a brown on the roots. At this point all that I used was the same purple Pravanna hair dye that I used to tone my hair the time before but applied it directly to the roots. The last step I applied the SachaJuan Silver Conditioner to the ends and left it on my hair for about an hour...Voila!

Check out these other photos that were my inspiration for this haircolor

Airplane Travel Essentials

It's definitely that time of year. The season is changing once again and there are spring days, and then there are some winter days thrown in into the mix, but all you really want is summer. It's that time of year that people are taking small getaways and flying all about, from cities to states and countries to continents. Some flights are long but some are short. You should be prepared for whatever situation that life may throw at you and I am here to help. 

Planes travel to thousands of feet up in the air and because of the high altitude and the cabin pressure, it tends to dry out the skin, which is also a reason that some people feel tired after a few hours of sitting in one place (on the plane that is)

Avene Thermal Spring Water  

This product originates as rain. However, the 40-year journey through the Cevennes Mountain aquifer produces thermal spring water ideally suited for the care and management of sensitive skin. It gradually becomes infused with trace elements and silicates, achieving a perfectly balanced mineral composition ideal for sensitive skin. Avène soothes, softens, and restores skin’s natural balance.

MedSkin Liftergy Eye Pads

For those flights where you did not allow yourself much sleep the night before or if you are traveling on the Red Eye this product is perfect for you. Contour & Lift Facial Mask, Immediate skin plumping effect, Reduces wrinkle depth and Free of parabens, fragrances, PEGs, 
colorants and silicones. Refresh your eyes with these 15 mins before the flight lands and look as though you just popped out of bed. 

One Love Organics Morning Glory

Packed to the brim with incredibly active ingredients (including a caffeinated energy blend and gardenia plant cells) Morning Glory will tighten and tone your skin like no other for an anytime skin revival. It has helped me battle the groggy lack of sleep face as to not scare the flight attendants when de-boarding. 

Jack Black Cool CTRL Deodorant

This aluminum-free formula contains clinically tested, time-released odor-blocking technology plus naturally derived anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients to stop odor. Featuring the popular Turbo Wash® aroma, this deodorant provides a long-lasting, refreshed feeling, leaving you cool and in CTRL. Dermatologist tested.

Travalo Fragrance Atomizer

This tiny device allows you to swap out your large bottle of cologne or perfume for a small travel sized companion that can be filled with the scent of your choice. Classic Excel packs 65 sprays of perfume and has a contents indicator window. Classic Excel is also light, strong and aircraft approved, so it's safe to take anywhere


With a light gloss-giving, luxe lip conditioning balm at one end, and a mouth-freshening mint drop at the other, Kissamint is made with the finest ingredients, so you can feel fabulous, fearless, and ready to take on the world...or the person sitting next to you ;)


Safe Travels!

Give Your Skin Care a Double Shot

Discovery Kit, Body Wash, Body Serum, Lip Scrub, Bar Soap, Body Scrub 

Discovery Kit, Body Wash, Body Serum, Lip Scrub, Bar Soap, Body Scrub 

        Fresh on the shelves at Cedra, you can walk in today and find one of our new lines, Java Skin Care. JAVA Coffee Infused Skin Care products marry the rejuvenating properties of green coffee - one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, with a unique blend of organic essential oils (like argan, pumpkin, and rosemary) that are proven to nourish, repair and protect the skin. This inspired union between coffee and essential oils produces JAVA’s remarkable skincare formula, which is unlike anything else on the market.

        Botanically the species of green coffee that we are interested in is Coffea Arabica. The word ‘green’ refers to the immature coffee beans that have been un-roasted and processed cold so that they retain their waxy outer layer. Think the same way that people cold press juice, to retain the nutrients. Since the beans are not exposed to the roasting they retain a higher percentage of volatile components including the well known alkaloid theophylline like that found in green tea and the wrinkle stopping amino acid; gamma-Aminobutyric acid.


        Hello everyone! This is the launch of the Spring Season for my Cedra, We are putting together a mini event with our partner company BrioGeo. Complimentary Apps and Prosecco while you shop around and listen to some fun music to get you into the groove for the weekend. You can also get your hair braided with a fun style, that incorporates beautiful real flowers into it, by one of our professional hair stylists that will be in-store or get your makeup done simply by spending $50+ on anything in store.

        As you may or may not know, for every prescription that we fill, Cedra donates to the St. Jude Children's Hospital and the American Cancer Society and 5% of all sales during this event will be donated as well! Come show your support and lets have a fun boozy afternoon together. Did I also mention that there will be a raffle! When you come in, make sure to put your name down on the sign in sheet and 30 lucky guests will be selected at random to receive a complimentary swag bag!  YAAAS SPRING

An Unlikely Eye Primer

— Brandon Cross

There are too many eye shadows to count but there are certain colors that you might like to slurge on. The difficult part in making this decision to purchase is that you most likely do not want to spend 20+ dollars on an eye shadow that you will only use once of twice. You really don’t have to because as long as you follow this tip you can take any cheap shadow to a professional looking one.

Use any white cream based eye product like the NYX White Eye Liner Crayon and use as an eye shadow primer. This white base will make any low opacity eye shadow that you have look bolder and much more vivid. This tip also works with lip colors, give it a try! 

Like Dissolves Like

        This winter is a bit of a conundrum. Is it hot? Is it cold? Or is it just right? I am not going to sit here and complain, when we are having days with temperatures over 50 degrees even if the following day is an inch of snow. This being said, the constant change of weather from one extreme to the next, means that not only is my skin care routine thrown off whack, but also the integrity of my skin.

        When the weather is so unpredictable it can ruin some plans and at the end of the day all you can think of doing is going home and jumping right into bed. Sometimes I even skip wiping my makeup off, which is definitely not recommended. But we all have been there! There are a few factors that come into play on the days that I may say “I’ll wash my face in the morning.” Number one would probably be pure laziness, two would be that facial wipes can be expensive and three is that it usually dries out my face so then I have to do an extra step which is moisturize my face afterwards.

        I have discovered (late in the game) that the best way to clean my face at the end of the day is OIL CLEANSING.  First use a clean rag that is soaked in warm water and then press into the skin and hold for up to a minute. Afterwards, the skin will be moist and the pores will be open and ready to rid of impurities. The perfect way that I have personally found is using Coconut Oil and massaging into the face, then wiping away residue with a rag.

        Oil cleansing will leave the skin clean, soft and smooth, and is also safe for those with problematic skin. People with oily or acne-prone skin tend to over-cleanse and dry out their skin, which can cause the skin to overcompensate for the dryness by producing more oil. As an added bonus there will be no need for a moisturizer because the oil deposits moisture while cleansing the pores. To seal the pores afterwards, splash the face with cold water and the skin will firm back up and you will be fresh and rejuvenated. This will create a perfect base for whatever products that you use.

If you are weary about trying oil on your face at first, try one of the products that produce their own oil cleansers like One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil or Province Apothecary Moisturizing Cleanser and Makeup Remover



  • For normal to dry skin, try argan, coconut or shea oil.
  • For oily skin, use a little bit of tea tree or peppermint oil with castor oil.

Smile Bright Like a Diamond

Say Cheese? Why Are My Teeth Yellow??
— Taking Photos in the 90s

A smile says a lot about you, and as much as we would like to say that we are all nice people, we are very judgy people. A smile can infer a lot about someone but also could be a medical condition that you have no idea about. Whether you are getting ready for a hot date, going on a job interview or just having a night out with your friends. Having a brilliant smile is a great way to put your best foot forward and here are a few ways that I have already tried myself and one that may be new that you have never heard of:

Tooth paste – I have used almost every tooth paste brand that claims to have whitening out there but there are two that I will always go back to. One is the Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste that we sell here at Cedra, and the other is Crest 3D White Diamond Strong Toothpaste They will have the most subtle effect, mostly a preventative measure to help prevent staining but it wont do the job of an actual whitener.

Whitening Kits – If you go to any drug store there are numerous teeth whiteners out there and honestly, I am a person who has to deal with sensitive teeth and flossing everyday is not an option. When trying these kits with either strips, trays or lights, most of them were too harsh for me. The only one that has had wonderful effects while retaining my dental health has been the Luster Pro Light Whitening Kit 




        The system that I have tried is CoCo White. Oil pulling, also known as "kavala" or "gundusha," is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This action supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health. 

        The main benefit of oil pulling is to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth. There are actually thousands of different types of bacteria in the mouth. Some of them are friendly, others are not. The bacteria in the mouth create a “biofilm” on the teeth – a thin layer that they use to adhere to the surface. This is what we know as “plaque.” Having some plaque on your teeth is normal, but if it gets out of hand it can cause all sorts of problems, including bad breath, yellow teeth, gum inflammation, gingivitis and cavities.

        Everyone wants to stay away from these problems so go ahead and try something new to keep your teeth sparkly and white!


Ooh La Lash

— Brandon Cross

Lashes Lashes Lashes, it seems like these days everyone is wearing some form of a false lash. There are strip lashes, individual lashes, eye lash extensions and the original false lash which is good old mascara. No shame here! We use these products to enhance our preexisting features and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Self-improvement in any form is progress and we are definitely on board. At times, all of these false lashes can be a bit of work. From the strips and individuals, to the higher end mink lashes that are around these days can start at 20 dollars and go up from there. The glue can irritate your eyes and most of the time only makes it though half the day before you a wonky eyelash and look like you are winking at everyone.  Eyelash extensions on the other hand mean that you have to be careful with what products that you use on your face and have to go to a salon every few weeks which can be both time consuming and expensive.

There are a few old tricks that you should know that can save you time, money and stress.


1.     Powder Lashes

Adding a bit of loose powder onto your lashes before applying mascara can really help to bulk up any thin or sparse lashes for a fuller, dramatic effect.

2.     Multiple wands

Sometimes two is better than one. Personally I use the Becca Ultimate Full Lash Perfecting Mascara for volume and then go over with the Antonym Lola Lash Mascara for separating, lengthening and curling.

3.     Tight Water Line

Be sure to tight line and go over your waterline to make the base of the lashes appear fuller. It will also ensure that there are no spaces between your lashes which make them seem sparse.






Giving Up the ManBun for the ManBraid

        It’s now 2016 and that means a new year and new hair styles.  We are saying goodbye to the trend that people loved… the Manbun. I know, you may be wondering, well…what am I to do now? You spent the whole year growing out those luscious locks and you feel like you are in a good place to properly tie up your hair and make a substantial bun but that is so last year.

        This is the year of the man braid, you can still have the same hair length but you might need to ask for some help when attempting this style. This style has been featured in various outlets from GQ to Refinery 29 and it is definitely going to have its year to shine.  Men are now more comfortable trying new looks and paying attentions to the new trend. We think the best way to achieve this sleek look is to first apply a pomade of some kind, we decided to go with the BAXTER of California Hard Water Pomade that looks like it has a little glitter in it, but once applied it just leaves a beautiful healthy shine to the hair.

        Most stylists or even barbers can hook you up with a nice braid hairstyle and its something that is quick and easy to do. Next time you get a hair cut do something different and ask for this style and just wait for the compliments to come in, be daring and have fun! It’s just hair. 

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Think Outside the Box, Draw Outside the Lines

— Brandon Cross


        Two words come to mind when you think lips…KYLIE JENNER. She is undeniably the queen of lips as of 2015. We are all aware that she has had a little help in the lip department aside from lip liners, but she had lead many girls on for a while by swearing that all she did was overdraw her lips.

        Overdrawing is something that done in moderation particular to the individual can subtly enhance the lips size and shape. HOWEVER, this is not a magic wand, you cannot just draw on whatever lips that you would like. ESPECIALLY in the daytime, overdrawn lips are easy to spot and appear like more of a mistake than an enhancement.

Here are a few tips to keep those lips looking Real as opposed to Real Fake.

1.     Just Above Not Beyond

- If you are overdrawing, keep the liner just above your natural lip line to add a bit to the size. If you draw too far above your natural line, you will be able to clearly see the division between actual lip and your skin.

2.     Conceal-Her

- After finishing with the lip liner, if the lines are not too sharp and appear a bit muddy, use a lip brush to smoothen out the lines and then use any thin brush with your concealer or foundation to tighten up mistakes.

3.     Don’t Leave Em High and Dry

- The winter time can leave your lips chapped or dry, try using our tip from our S.O.S. post or apply a lip balm before using a lip liner especially if you do not plan on using any product like a gloss over the liner. 

Falling Out With Your Eyeshadow

— Brandon Cross

          I know that I cannot be the only one...You are getting ready and get past all of the major steps...Primer, Moisturizer, Foundation, Concealer, Setting Powder, Contour, then you are almost finished but you then decide to try an eye shadow look...and then it happens...FALLOUT. One of the most irritating steps to getting ready is the dreaded Fallout. Beware, these small little flakes might seem like a little bump in the road but as soon as you touch it,  those pesky little specks will smear everywhere and easily ruin your face and in turn ruin your day.

        There is a plethora of products that you can purchase and a variety of tricks that you can try to avoid Fallout but there is a simple way to refrain from all of this. START WITH THE EYES FIRST. This will allow you to be messy without any of the stress!

Start with the eye shadow first, then use a makeup remover to rid of the excess for clean lines

Start with the eye shadow first, then use a makeup remover to rid of the excess for clean lines

Winter Hair Blues

During the winter months, we are, for the most part, confined to indoor activities. This causes a bit of cabin fever and causes us to experiment more with our looks, the main characteristic being our hair. The coming of the winter means dry everything, from the land, to our skin and even to our hair. Here are a few ways that you can keep moisturized and nourished. 

Lets start in the morning:

You know how you love to shower and wash your hair every morning...stop it. The mix of the cold hair outside and moisture in your hair is a toxic combination. Keep the hair washing to a minimum. Instead, if your hair starts feeling a tad oily or greasy, try an alternative like our Klorane Dry Shampoo that comes in two formulas for both light and dark hair colors. 

Before leaving the house when you are bundling up, don't forget your head! The cold air dries out your hair making it feel brittle, stiff and dry. Grabbing a hat before you leave the house will not only keep your body warm but keep your hair protected from the brutal cold. Worried about hat hair and frizz? Buying a beanie lined with satin will prevent this, or you can simply tie a scarf over your hair before a hat as well!

At night when you feel like it's time for a good wash, consider a Co-Wash. Briogeo Hair Care is a great line which has an amazing "Avocado + Quinoa" Co-Wash which works wonders. Co-Wash actually stands for Conditioning Wash: using a conditioner or conditioner cream based product to cleanse the hair in place of a shampoo. If the hair is extra dry, or chemically processed like mine, try the "Don't Despair Repair" Deep Conditioning Mask.

For the night-time, if you like your apartment hot and cozy like me, be sure to invest in a good humidifier. The heat in your apartment dries out the air as well as your skin and hair.  Using a humidifier will combat the effects of the heat and leave you waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Say goodbye to waking up tired, groggy and dehydrated!