Covering up pimples can be a headache when those ugly marks continue to show through your makeup. But did you know that it's very easy to combat those dark marks with simple tricks, and green concealer? 


Well, not everyone can use green concealer, but it is true that combating the color of your blemish with an opposite color helps to conceal it better and gives you the clear skin your desire -- even if it's only temporary. 

Growing up we learned about the color wheel, and also learned that certain colors blend together well to make other colors disappear or change completely. In makeup, we use that same rule to hide blemish marks by using opposing colors to balance the skin tone so your foundation goes on smoothly and no one can see that you have any imperfections.

Color correcting for blemishes

Color correcting for blemishes

  • Green: Minimizes redness (blemish marks and rosacea)
  • Purple: Minimizes yellowish/sallow undertones
  • Caramel: Combats grayish tones in medium to dark skin complexions
  • Blue: Reduces imperfections in fair skin
  • Yellow: Minimizes brown to black marks on dark complexions
  • Red: Minimizes greenish/gray in olive to caramel complexions (great for under eye darkness)
  • Neutral (powder): Combats oil and adds natural matte look to all complexions

Following this color wheel will hide your flaws, and decrease the need to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Practice makes perfect, so test out the colors that you believe will work for you and in no time you will walk out the door with the perfect makeup look.