Whether you get a random pimple or break out often, no one likes the harsh reality that we all have flaws. But what if you could stop break outs all together by knowing what causes them? It isn't always poor eating habits that cause those mini mountains to find homes on our faces (or body). 

  • Forehead breakouts are triggered by stress, and lack of sleep. You can also breakout from dirty hair and product buildup that clog your pores. 
  • Around the eyebrow breakouts are signs of a weak immune system and tend to pop up right before you get a cold. If you see pimples are between your brows, you may want to cut back on sugar, fatty oils and unhealthy eating habits.
  • Cheeks can show different signs of acne, because this is an area that is touched often by your hands, pillows, cellphone, etc. Keep all things clean with antibacterial soap or alcohol. 
  • Chin breakouts are associated with hormonal changes like a women's time of the month and dirty scarves, jackets, etc.

The best solutions to these issues are eating better, drinking lots of water, cleaning your face with a good cleanser, and keeping your hands off your face. 

We have many solutions at Cedra Pharmacy to help you combat acne. We carry everything from sulfur masks, to tea tree oil cleansers to fit any budget. Stop by to speak to one of our beauty consultants that will show you the best products for your skin type.